Sunday, February 13, 2011

53rd Annual Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga an Egg..and the rest of her Grammys Outfits!

The Egg, Dale Bozzio 2.0 and THOSE Platform boots!!!

Lady Gaga...inside the egg...with her Combat boot-and-Lucite-heeled entourage, 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Oh Lady Gaga...Only Miss Gaga would make such an entrance. Her entrance at the 2011 Grammy awards came via an Egg--and an entourage who carried her, in that aforementioned egg. I don't really understand why her Male "Egg-Carrying" boys are dressed like Go-Go Dancers from a really off-the-beaten path Gay Bar--gold Lycra shorts and Combat Boots from an Army Supply Store (?). And the woman above with her clear Lucite Heel Stripper Platforms ain't helpin', if you know what I mean. With that Style Hapless crew of an entourage, I sure hope what's in the egg looks AMAZING! Ahead of this Egg-Carrying entourage were photographer Terry Richardson snapping away as well as her stylist, Mugler Designer Nicola Formichetti.

Here's what she wore Onstage:

Onstage, Lady gaga, ended up in an pointy-shouldered stretch cropped top and skirt similar to her "egg-Carrying" entourage. Her make-up and hair were very reminiscent of Dale Bozzio of the 80's band Missing Persons (kiddies look her up 'cause Lady Gaga is!)

And to receive her Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album, she donned this black ensemble:

Look at the platform heel in them boots??? Lady Gaga never met a Platform she did not like!

Which Lady Gaga Did You Like Best? A) Lady gaga in the Egg B) Lady Gaga as Dale Bozzio 2.0 in gold cropped top and skirt C) Lady gaga in black ensemble and black UBER platform boots

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