Friday, February 25, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011: Gucci, Prada

Anjelica Huston, 60's/70's Chic, Chartreuse, Fuchsia, Croq-skin and YSL Mondrian Dress References...Ciao Milano Fashion Week!!!

Fall According to Frida: Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011:

Is The Train to Florence Here?: Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

It's Milan Fashion Week kids. I discussed my Highlights of NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 these last couple of weeks as well as Madrid and London Fashion Week Postings HERE and HERE. And so the fashion catwalk continues...For Gucci's 90th Anniversary (90th!!!), Designer Frida Giannini went 70's Glam showing PLUNGING necklines, lots of luxe fur, flowing silk chiffon "Disco" dresses, culottes, silk half-circle skirts and Fedoras. The models can only be described as having a Can-Someone-Tell-Me-Where-My-Driver-Is Attitude that looked chic, effortless and yet Bitchy at the same time: Love it! Colors were no-holds-barred VIBRANT: Chartreuse, bubblegum pink fuchsias, deep violets, lipstick reds. You want Black,? Look somewhere else girls.

Giannini said she was inspired by Anjelica Huston, among other things. I can see it: The Styling and look of the collection reminded me of the Style Icon, especially from a 1970's "snapshot" of her with Jack Nicholson; the slicked hair, the red lips, the I-just-threw-this-on fur...that decolletage! Here are some Highlights...including the Shoes and Purse You Need To Have, come this Fall...

Campari and Soda: Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Oops, that's my leg: Model Chanel Iman in Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Milano Disco: Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Python Fierce: A covered Pump, Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

T-Strap Princess: The Strappy heel of the Season from Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Bag DIVA: Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 mini-bag

Watch FULL Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Show:

Prada Fall/Winter 2011:

Color Blocked: Italian Supermodel Mariacarla Boscono Prada Fall/Winter 2011

Miucca Prada unveiled her Fall/Winter 2011 Prada Collection, and of course it had all the Prada "stamps": Kitschy "Thrift Store Couture" looks, boxy 60's shapes, bag-lady chic prints and We-Need-To-Have accessories. It was all very Courreges-meets-Paco Rabanne in a way.

Marcia Marcia: Prada Fall/Winter 2011

Yes, there were 60's influences, but there were also 1920's "Amelia Earhart"-meets-early 70's looks a la Marcia Brady looks as well, with those drop-waist dresses above and below...

Drop-That-Belt: Prada Fall/Winter 2011

There was also an overt nod to THE Master: Yves Saint Laurent, and his iconic 1965 Mondrian dress above.

Also evident in the just-unveiled Prada Fall/Winter 2011 Collection: Lots of Croq-skin. In luxurious colorful drop-shoulder boxy coats as well as...

These ankle-grazing shoe-boots that EVERY Fashion-Girl will risk not paying her next months rent for. I would! Just sayin'

Fish Scale Cocktail: Prada Fall/Winter 2011

For evening: Neon colors and over-sized paillettes and long fuzzy fur. As is usual with the House of Prada, there were NO GOWNS, but that doesn't mean that we might not see one or two Custom Prada Gowns at the Academy Awards Red Carpet this Sunday!

And finally: May I show you THE Must-Have Prada Sunglasses for your next trip to the Italian-Swiss Alps this coming Winter. Time to put my early order in! Watch FULL Prada Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Show:

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