Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nick Verreos and TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" Goes to Mark's Garden!

Flower & Fashion Extravaganza!
Violets Are Blooming: "Fashion Team" Host Lawrence Zarian, stylist Jen Rade and Fashion Designer Nick Verreos, TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team"

Last week, we filmed the latest in this season's "The Fashion Team" TV Guide Network Show from Mark's Garden in Sherman Oaks, California. Usually, we film our episodes from various LA fashion boutiques, Couture Vintage Stores, or even a Hair Salon or two---However , just in time for Valentine's Day, we decided to shoot this episode from one of the premier Flower Design/Shops in Southern California.

A-List Flowers: The Front of "Mark's Garden", Sherman Oaks

Mark's Garden Flower Arrangement...waiting to be delivered

They have designed the flower arrangements for the past EIGHTEEN YEARS for the Academy Awards Governors Ball (I know this is SERIOUS Flower Extravaganza!) as well as Celebrity A-List Weddings like Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Ellen and Portia, Pink, Gwen Stefani and "My Girl" Heidi Klum!

Nick Verreos "Hearts" Mark's Garden, Sherman Oaks

The shop was all "abuzz" with flower orders galore and done up just in time for Valentine's Day. Notice the Window "Heart Display" behind me in the photo above. As soon as I arrived, I requested form the talented flower designers if they could create a little Boutonniere for me so I would wear it to the taping.

Fashion Prom Date: Nick Verreos and his "Mark's Garden" Boutonniere

I just thought "Heck, I'm in one of the Top Flower Stores in the Nation...maybe I should have one of their 'mini-designs' on my lapel!" Well, they quickly went to work and created an amazing creation: Love them!

The Episode Premiered Last Friday but you can still catch it TOMORROW, Wednesday Feb 16Th 1PM and Friday Feb 18 7PM.

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