Monday, February 14, 2011

Penny Johnson Facelift: Businesswoman Suing for £54m Over Facial Twitch

Penny Johnson wanted to have facelift surgery, and her plastic surgeon promised her “amazing” recovery facial procedure.

Only a year ago Mrs Johnson was a high-flying IT and finance businesswoman who worked at Bishop Cavanagh and received an annual salary of over $960,000. But her career and family life were ruined at the moment she decided to have facelift surgery at Methley Park Hospital in Leeds.

The surgeon tried an experimental procedure that left Penny Johnson with a drooping eye, slurred speech, drooling, and pain in her right eye, because of the nerve damage.

The woman is unable to work, and now she is suing her plastic surgeon for £54 million (about $80 million) compensation, since her twitch and “monster eye” stopped her working and caring for her 3 children, who complained about the way she looked.

Source: dailymail

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