Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nick Verreos Goes to the FIDM Fashion Club Party--and Debut 2011 Part One!

Fashion Club Carnival: Samba DJ'ing, Colored Feathers, Dipped Chocolate-covered Marshmallows, and much more...
Let's Do It Girls! Nick Verreos leads his models, Amara and Brianna--in NIKOLAKI gowns--down the FIDM Debut 2011 Runway (photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

Last weekend's "FIDM Fashion Marathon" of Open House, Debut Shows and Fashion Club Parties was a big success! So, without further ado---it's time for the Fashion Club Party!!!

FashionClub.com--sponsored by the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM--is an online site for aspiring fashion designers, future fashion industry trendsetters in high schools all across the country--and across the world. It gives prom advice, shows you the hottest trends in teen fashion and jewelry and even has contests to win scholarships to go to FIDM.

In addition, It also helps students--and their instructors--start their own "FIDM Fashion Club" at their high school! Every year, during the FIDM Debut Show, Fashion Club holds their big fabulous bash--The Fashion Club Party--and for 2011, the theme was "Carnival in Rio" since this was actually the theme the Costume Design Grads had for their 2011 Debut Collection.

May I Serve You Some Crudités? Nick Verreos, inside the FIDM Fashion Club Party 2011

A HUGE tent is constructed right outside the Santa Monica Barker Hangar just for the party and hundreds of Fashion Club members from all over the US--and abroad--get special VIP tickets to attend. And of course, I get to go too!!!

Inside, plush couches and tables were draped in vibrant "Carnival" colors of aquamarine, tangerine, emeralds and cherry reds. Lots of feathers, beads and sequins were strategically strewn for further "party" effect. Plus, there was a DJ (wearing a Brazilian Carnival Headdress!) playing "Samba House" as well as pop, rock, and anything in between. Picture "Mardis Gras" but in Brazil...at the Santa Monica Barker Hangar!

Guests including high school students, accepted-to-FIDM students, their teachers, and a mom or two thrown in for good measure--got all dressed up in their best "after-five" and were greeted with "Fashion Club Goody Bags" and enjoyed Crudités (above), tropical punch...

As well as "got their sweet-tooth on": Lining up to the always popular Chocolate Fountain (above). There were bananas, strawberries as well as marshmallows ready for the dippin'!

Carmen Miranda Who? Nick Verreos poses with Fashion Club Party 2011 guests--with feathered boas

Also, as it has been the tradition every year at the Fashion Club Party, there was a "Take-a- Photo-With-Nick" section--or Fashion Club Celebrity Corner-- where I posed with any guest who wanted to take a photo. A professional photographer was on hand snapping away and then the photos would be printed out for them to take soon afterward.

Where's Nick? Nick Verreos (head sticking out) and a bunch of his new friends, FIDM Fashion Club Party 2011

I had a BLAST! (and I think all my new photo-posing friends did too!). But soon, it was time for everyone to move into the Barker Hangar and get ready for the 2011 FIDM Debut Show:

Silver-Suited MC: Nick Verreos onstage at the Debut 2011, Santa Monica Barker Hangar (photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

There is so much interest in the FIDM Debut Show that they have several shows over a period of three days and this one show was for all the Fashion Club Party guests--as well as thousands of other high school students, educators and parents. I was happy to introduce the show and give my little "pep talk" of what I've been up to lately and how much FIDM influenced me when I was dreaming of becoming a successful fashion designer.

No Pushing Kids: The scene in the Barker Hangar Foyer of Debut 2011 guests taking photos of me (notice the "intense" security guard)

During my introduction, I told everyone that I would be waiting for them in the Barker Hangar Foyer--or Lobby--and happy to take photos and sign anything they had! And boy, they did!!! It was a MAD crazy rush to get photos taken with me that at one point, the security guys were freaking out! For a HOT ten minutes there, I kinda did feel like one of the Jonas Brothers--well the older, bearded, silver-suited, funky-haired one! In the end, it all worked out and most everyone got their photos and autographs: I LOVED every second I spent with each and every one of my photo "dates"!

Take a Bow: Nick Verreos, FIDM Debut 2011 (photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

I'll put up photos--and my Recap--of the actual Debut 2011 Fashion Show in another post soon--but for now...

Here's an Exclusive Video of my "FIDM Debut 2011" MC'ing and Introduction:

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