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Paris Pret-a-Porter Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011: Dior, Galliano

A Fashion Giant Has Fallen...But The Show Must Go On...

Atelier Bow: This is who took the Final Bow at Dior Fall/Winter 2011

As we all know by now, a Fashion Genius has fallen. We are all in shock over the news of John Galliano, his dismissal and more importantly, the inexcusable behavior that prompted it shown in THAT video. Yes, the Video Seen Around The World. So sad, that John Galliano's legacy could be reduced to this. When one Google's "John Galliano" for years to come, "Fashion Design Genius" is hardly the first thing that will come up. Yet, he did it all to himself, as the video suggests. Bridget Foley wrote an AMAZING article titled "A Dark Pall Over Paris" in last Wednesday's WWD which summed it all up beautifully and eloquently.

John Galliano

As Paris Pret-a-Porter Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week is getting under way, all of this DRAMA looms like an Elephant In the Room. And it was no more evident when the House of Dior was to unveil its latest Fall/Winter 2011 offering, all designed by Monsieur Galliano. But, as they say: The Show Must Go On. So here, I post the Dior Fall/Winter 2011 as well as the namesake Galliano Fall/Winter 2011 Collections...all sans John Galliano.

Dior Fall/Winter 2011:

Fox Huntin': Dior Fall/Winter 2011's Tim Blanks, who was there to review said this: "Overtaken by events, this ready-to-wear show ended up as a swan song, but it was a pale testament to the extraordinary work the ateliers have done for Galliano over the past 14 years. The proper tribute would ideally have been one of the Dior couture shows, where the extravagant drama of the designer's soaring imagination was evenly matched by breathtaking workmanship."

Align CenterKing's Speech Fur: Dior Fall/Winter 2011

There were Equestrian themes, 1920's/1930's silhouettes, all very "Queen Mother in The King's Speech... for 2011", wearable suits, lots of LUXE furs, silk chiffon and lace gowns and pretty cocktail dresses to satisfy all the Dior lovelies. Every time I go into an actual Dior boutique, I am always surprised by how there's NOTHING of that Galliano UBER CRAZY on display--you walk in and what do you see? The purses, sunglasses, shoes, accessories. Well, of course, that's what sells! And then way in the back, the clothes: Elegant well-tailored chic suitings, simple yet sexy cocktail dresses. This, also, was what was on display in this--John Galliano's final collection-- for the House of Dior.

Snake Fur Luncheon: Dior Fall/Winter 2011

Sheer Lady Dior: Dior Fall/Winter 2011

Baby Doll Dior: Dior Fall/Winter 2011

Cocktails at Plaza Athenee: Dior Fall/Winter 2011

Dior Fall/Winter 2011 Edited Runway Show Video:

Galliano Fall/Winter 2011

Colbert Meet Gable: Galliano Fall/Winter 2011

The John Galliano Fall/Winter 2011 Collection was shown, and yes, without its Designer. It was a 20-piece showing. It was all very 1930's--a theme Galliano loves. Suits that looked elegant but yet were meticulously--and purposely--tattered. Draped and folded jackets that would be at home in a Claudette Colbert/Clark Gable film and a Kimono gown that just needed a spiral staircase in Bel Air. Most of it looked like it came from a closet of a long-gone Hollywood Screen Siren/Goddess. Gorgeous yet very sad at the same time. Just like John Galliano's career.

Tweed Funeral: Galliano Fall/Winter 2011

Cocoon Diva: Galliano Fall/Winter 2011

Hostess Gown: Galliano Fall/Winter 2011

Angelic: Galliano Fall/Winter 2011

Galliano Fall/Winter 2011 Final Model Walk Video:

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