Monday, April 25, 2011

FASHION MONDAYS: Beyonce in Paris: A Fashion Show EVERY DAY!!!

Beyonce in Paris: It's a Catwalk EVERY DAY!!!

Beyonce poses for a Harper's Bazaar shoot at The Ritz Paris balcony

Miss Beyonce is in Paris for a Harper's Bazaar shoot--and enjoying the City of Lights with her hubby Jay-Z and family. They arrived last Monday and are--according to some sources--staying at the LUXE Hotel Le Meurice and purportedly, spending about $20,000 a night on the Penthouse Suite. To them, $20,000 a day is like withdrawing the $40 Fast Cash at the ATM, I am sure!

Sun Goddess: Beyonce in the Harper's Bazaar shoot, wearing Gucci Fall 2011, in The Ritz Paris balcony

Over the weekend, she was spotted doing that aforementioned Harper's Bazaar shoot on the balcony of another tony hotel, The Ritz. She was wearing a sexy black silk chiffon halter gown with red "rose petal" torso detail from Gucci Fall 2011.

Pumps in Disneyland Paris? Yep, when you're Beyonce

Throughout the week, Miss Beyonce has been giving FASHION in the World's Fashion Capital. Only Miss THANG would go to Disneyland Paris and wear black 6" Stiletto BOOTS, black drop-crotch pants and a jersey muscle tee---ALL DAY!!! Everyone else goes to Disney Amusement Parks in shorts and sneakers....But not Miss Beyonce! (well, and I wouldn't either, to tell you the truth!). I love how she added her own "pedestrian touch" by sportin' that fun "Goofy" baseball cap. Cute!

Just Woke Up Look: Beyonce looks for her Morning Croissants

Next, she was also spotted in Paris in a side-baring black jumpsuit and (once again), her favorite accessory: SKY-high heels!!! Notice the skin-colored under bustier.

Let me guess: She was just getting her Morning Coffee and Croissants??? This is what I would wear, wouldn't you?

Le Sexy: Beyonce in Paris

Then, on another Paris outing, Miss Beyonce continues her "I'm in Paris and I am GIVING SEXY!", when she was seen in a very mini side draped printed dress, a big handbag, sunglasses, her iphone and THAT ring!

Let's see: Where could she be going in this little cocktail number? I say, she's going for a Brie Cheese run at the local grocery store. Not.

Prim and Proper: Beyonce in Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 polka-dotted dress

And finally, we'll end our "Beyonce in Paris" fashion tour on a prim and proper note: Here she is in a green-and-red mini-polka dotted dress with a high neck and below-the-knee hovering skirt which she wore yesterday for her Parisian Easter Brunch. Very 1940's and very NOW I must say.

Au Revoir Beyonce!

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