Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nick Verreos Loves Boston: My Emerson College Appearance/Lecture Recap!!!

The Lavender Fashion LION, a chic W Hotel Welcome, Fashion Society Guys & Gals...and Patrick Dempsey??? Yep, Welcome To Boston!!!

On the Boston Stage: Nick Verreos, Emerson College's Bill Bordy Theater

This Monday, I flew to Boston Massachusetts to make an "Appearance" and give my "Nick Lecture" at Boston's Emerson College. It was a long transcontinental flight from LA (I think I had to get up at like 4AM! And I had just returned from my Chicago Macy's trip the night before!!) but for some reason, once I arrived in Boston, I had renewed energy to "Bring It On!".

W Boston Hotel Welcome

I checked in to my FABULOUS W Boston Hotel, where I was surprised (in a happy way!) to hear that I had been UPGRADED to a nice Suite (Thanks W Boston!). The room was so sleek and very "W Hotels": Chic copper leather couches, the bed in the middle of the room, scrims that divided the bathroom and "office" areas...and speaking of Bathrooms:

Yeah, that was my W Boston Hotel Bathtub (above photo), which I, regretfully, never used (insert SAD FACE!). I changed from my traveling jeans, t-shirt & trench coat look to my I-Am-Lecturing-at-Emerson College Top Shop Jacket, lavender shirt-and-tie ensemble. Of course, I did my research and found out that the Emerson College color was lavender. And that their Mascot was the Lion. So, I wanted to be the "Lavender Fashion Lion"...well, for the night!

As part of Emerson College's Spring 2011 Fashion Week festivities, I was invited by Emerson's Fashion Society to give a lecture on how I got started in Fashion, the Business of Fashion and Red Carpet Dressing as well as Project Runway (of course) and finally, being a role model to the LGBTQ community and my support of The Trevor Project and all the amazing work that organization does.

Lecturin' : Nick Verreos, Emerson College Bill Bordy Theater

The Lecture went SOOOOO well, even I was surprised at the unbelievable--and warm--reception, I received by the wonderful Emerson College audience. I spoke for almost two hours--giving them spoonfuls of "No Should've Would've Could've...Just Do It!", as well as "Know Who To Give Flowers To...and When To Take Out The Knives..." advice.

Nick Verreos, Emerson College Appearance, Bill Bordy Theater

Afterward, I posed for pics and signed photos with the students and Fashion Society members. I enjoyed meeting EACH and EVERYONE at my Lecture and will treasure how genuinely kind they were to me.

Emerson College Fashion Society Group Photo with Nick Verreos

The Fashion Society went above and beyond to treat me like a VIP and were exemplary in how they produced the entire event. I especially have to thank Jason Guttilla, Emerson College Fashion Society President and his team of Emerson College Fashionistas for being AMAZING!!!

Emerson Boys: Nick Verreos and Emerson College students

Spring Fashion Week Goddesses: Nick Verreos and Emerson College Spring Fashion Week committee gals

Emerson Smiles: Jason Guttilla, Emerson College Fashion Society President and Nick Verreos

Following my event, Jason, and the Emerson College Fashion Society teased that we should stop by the nearby "local pub"...

The Tam for some post-Lecture libations, but alas, we did not. Instead we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the nearby P.F. Chang's (the chicken mu shu was DELICIOUS!). I finally called it a night, and returned back to my W Boston Hotel digs. The next morning was my return-to-LA flight. As I arrived into Boston Logan Airport , I encountered a Celeb Spotting: Actor Patrick Dempsey (I know: Shut The Front Door!).

As I headed for my gate and boarded my flight--after checking out my United Airlines 757 in all it's "Oprah Winfrey The Farewell Season" livery-- I noticed someone seated in my same row: Hello!!! Patrick Dempsey. Oh, it's good to be in Boston: A FAB Emerson College appearance that ends with "McDreamy" seated ten feet away from me: Heaven!
Can't wait to come back Boston and Emerson College!!!!

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