Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nick Verreos and Orbit Gum: Geek To Chic Contest, People En Español and Chica Orbit!!!

Fashion + Gum= ORBIT!!!

Quieres Chicle? Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez in Nick Verreos /Orbit Gum Gown, People En Español 50 Más Bellos Event

I am SO EXCITED to announce that I am the "Style Guy" for "Chicle Orbit"
--the most stylish gum in the WORLD!!!!! And as part of this, Orbit announced a fun contest for the Spanish-speaking fans called "Geek To Chic".

Those who entered this contest (by submitting photos) now have the chance to have their look "transformed" from Geek--to CHIC--by none other than, ME!!! Si, YO!!! (yes, I'm so Bi-lingual!) and then showcase your new look FABULOSO on the People En Español 50 Más Bellos/50 Most Beautiful Red Carpet coming up next week!!!

Orbit Universal Queen: Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009 in Orbit Gum-print inspired gown by Nick Verreos, People Magazine En Español "50 Más Bellos" Event, NYC

If you have been following my blog, you may already know that I have partnered in the last few years with ORBIT GUM--to design "Red Carpet-worthy" dresses for the Latina Orbit Gum Girl, "Chica Orbit", as well as other celebs. Last year, I made a custom one-shoulder gown for Stefania Fernandez, Miss Venezuela 2008 and Miss Universe 2009, using an Orbit Gum print for last year's People Magazine En Español 50 Más Bellos/50 Most Beautiful Gala.

Above is my original sketch for the one shoulder gown I created and designed (and had the fabric made too!!!).

Now That's A Purse: Nick Verreos, Chica Orbit and Univision's "Fashion Guy" Rodner Figueroa, Premios Juventud 2010 After Party, Miami

I also designed a cocktail red carpet dress for the current Chica Orbit--using the same Orbit Gum Print--for her to wear during the 2010 Premios Juventud an awards show for Spanish-speaking celebrities in the areas of film, music, sports, fashion, and pop culture--kind of like a cross between the MTV Music Awards and the "Kid's Choice Awards".

In 2007 for that year's "Premios Juventud"--along with the AMAZING assistance of my NIKOLAKI design partner, David Paul--we created an ivory silk duchess satin "Watteau-back" strapless dress--with custom "Orbit Gum" pillbox hat (very Jackie Kennedy!)-both featuring the Orbit Logo. We even made the scarf to watch one of the gum flavors!

Well, CHICOS, I am back at it again---and soon I will be in New York City to attend the People En Español 50 Más Bellos/Most Beautiful Event and transform one lucky winner from Geek to Chic!!!
(and now for my Spanish-speaking Readers): Buena Suerte y acuerdate: Orbit Sensación Limpia...no matter what!

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