Friday, May 27, 2011

Nick Verreos, Chica Orbit And the People Español 50 Más Bellos (50 Most Beautiful) in NYC: The Fuchsia Carpet Report!

Latino Fuchsia Carpet...

Fuchsia Chica y Chico: Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos pose it up on the People En Español "50 Más Bellos" fuchsia carpet

As you read--and saw--in my previous BLOG posting--I had the fun pleasure of being invited to the FAB People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Bash in NYC and walk the carpet with none other than Chica Orbit--the Latina Orbit Gum Girl. It was so much fun to attend this event and even better when the crowd kept yelling our names--and asking us to give them some Orbit Gum :"Quiero Chicle!", they kept insisting. There were so many A-List Latino celebrities at this party that my neck was getting crooked from the back-and-forth turning I was doing. So, of course, it was only natural that I would do a quick "Fuchsia Carpet Report from the 50 Mas Bellos/50 Most Beautiful".
Here are some of my favorite top looks (besides Chica Orbit and the Geek To Chic Winner in my "Nick Verreos Orbit-inspired dress" of course):

Charytin: Dominican Republic-born Latino TV Icon/Diva Charytin looked well, like Charytin should look. FAB-u-LOUS!! Just look at her! The platinum-blond hair, the strapless black satin and bubblegum pink iridescent poly organza gown, the asymmetrical was all DIVINE. A bit "kooky" but still, exactly what I would expect from La Charytin! Grade: B+

Sofia Vergara: Colombian stunner Sofia Vergara wore a strapless very corseted bustier with black pencil skirt design. We all know she LOVES a fitted Va-Va Boom shape, she loves strapless and she loves the "sisters" ...and with this look she surprised no one. At one point, I was ten feet away from her at the party--Sofia, her Blackberry (or maybe IPhone) and her entourage swooshed right by me--and I got a good quick look at Miss Sofia and I have to say she looked TINY!!! "Full figured": No way. Curvaceous Tiny: Si! Grade: B+

Ernesto Sanchez, Editor of PeopleEnEspañ When I saw Ernesto Sanchez I HAD to get a photo of the two of us. I love a man in COLOR! And between my "Orbit Teal Blue" jacket and his aqua blue suit, well, was OVER! He gets TEN "Nick Points" in my book.

Kate Del Castillo: Mexico City, Mexico-born actress Kate del Castillo was one of the most elegant ladies of the night. I loved this strapless gunmetal-colored gown with draped and gathered front. Her clean side-swept hair and subdued make-up were the perfect compliments. The clutch (THE Spring/Summer purse!), simple earrings and metallic cuff finished the look correctly. Grade: A.

Eugenio Siller: Mexican actor Eugenio Siller looked handsome in his suit and skinny tie. I wished he would have added a bit of "creativity" to the look--maybe a pocket scarf...something! But it was "just OK" for me. He looked a little more like an Junior Agent at CAA and less a Latin Heartthrob. Next time: Kick it up a notch--just a little bit. Grade: B.

Giselle Blondet: Three Words: You Go Girl! TV presenter Giselle Blondet was "Hot Latina Chic" in this royal blue one-shoulder gown. Giselle loves a gown and we see why here. The color is great and I especially liked that she simplified her hair by parting it, and making it clean and elegant. Yes, those big ol' earrings are a bit Cha-Cha, so she could have done without those. But then again: hello! What part of Giselle Blondet did you NOT understand? Grade: A-

William Levy: Cuban-born actor--and People En Español Coverboy (see top of this posting) William Levy was THE STAR of the night. Let me tell you, when he arrived, the entire Gustavino's place shook!!! I was like "Is there an earthquake?". Nope, it's just William Levy is here and there are maybe 40 women in the party chasing after him! Seriously, I couldn't believe all the grown women--with husbands I'm sure--who dropped kicked anything in their site, to get to him in the VIP area. Such is the life of a "Más Bello" I guess. In terms of what he wore: HOT. Open Dress Shirt: Check. UBER fitted metallic jacket: Check. Skinny trousers: Check. Pocket Scarf: Check. William, watch out, I might be one of the people chasing after you next time :)

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