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Nick Verreos Hosts Seattle's 1st Annual Wine Women And Shoes Event to Benefit Seattle Children's Home: The Recap!!!

An "Emerald Evening" in the Emerald City: Seattle!!

Seattle Chic: Nick Verreos with Seattle Diva Fashionista (and friend) Rose Dennis, Seattle Wine Women and Shoes Benefit Four Seasons Seattle

Last Thursday, I flew to Seattle--one of my FAVORITE cities in the US--to host Seattle's "Wine Women And Shoes" Event to benefit the Seattle Children's Home. This was the city's first ever "Wine Women and Shoes" Gala, and well, you can imagine, the pressure was on me, to BRING IT!

I arrived, checked in to my gorgeous Four Seasons Seattle Hotel--site of the event--and after hanging my "ensemble" up in the closet, I went straight to the event Ballroom to check out how all the preparations were going. But there was one HITCH: I realized, as I was unpacking, that I forgot to bring a tie. For now, read on...

How To Make Nick Happy? Check out the Seattle Four Seasons Welcome in my room

Now, before I get any further, I must point out the wonderful "Welcome to the Four Seasons Seattle Spread" that awaited me in my room-- bottle of red wine, shoe-and-wine-shaped cookies and a lovely "Welcome Note" from Four Seasons Seattle Director of Catering Kirk Sugamele. Now, seriously: That's a Welcome!!! I also made a "mental note" of the gorgeous bathtub in my hotel room, thinking "I will end up there after it's all over!" After going through what my duties would be as the Wine Women and Shoes Host-with-the-Most...

Pike Place Nick: Nick Verreos trench-coat'ing it in Seattle's Pike Place Market

I then headed to the iconic Seattle Landmark: Pike Place Market, for some lunch (I just knew I probably wouldn't eat for the next, well...eight hours!!!). I have been in Seattle like half-a-dozen times hosting events--but NEVER, got a chance to come here (I know, shame on me and my previous hosts!!). I did witness the "Flying Fish" guys and it was FAB!!! (those Fish Guys are kinda cute--just a bit smelly thank you very much!).

Now, I was ready to try and remedy my I-Forgot-To-Bring-A-Tie Problem...

Greek Goddess: Maria Christofilis, Founder and Creative Director of Anthousa Collection, Barneys NY Seattle

I had packed a fab suit with a lavender dress shirt but forgot to bring the TIE that went along with my ensemble!!! So, now I was in search of ONE purple/lilac/lavender tie--that would go with my shirt. I walked through Downtown Seattle near my hotel looking for a boutique/store that carried ties (the entire time angry at myself for forgetting to pack one, since I OWN about 150 TIES!!!). I spotted Barneys NY, and thought "OK, THEY will have a chic purple/lilac/lavender tie for me!". I stomped in and before I could head upstairs to the Men's Department, I heard "Nick!!!" I turned around and it was my good old friend, the ever-so-stylish (and my Greek Supermodel Sistah!!) Maria Christofilis, founder and creative director of Anthousa Collection, a luxury line of candles and Home Ambiance Fragrances which I D.I.E. for, and use in EVERY room of my house, name it , Anthousa is THERE!!!

The Man Who Saved The Night: Barneys NY Seattle Store Manager Christopher Nardi (left) and Nick Verreos, Barneys NY Seattle

She was standing next to a very well dressed man. Anyhow...after our Greek double-kisses, she asked "What are you doing here at Barneys Seattle?". I told her my predicament and before I could sprint to the upper Men's Floor, the man next to her, said "You Can Borrow my Tie...It's Hermes, it's purple-ish, and it's yours tonight!" It turns out that this man next to Maria, was Christopher Nardi, the Store Manager of Barneys NY Seattle and he told me in confidence that there were probably no purple ties upstairs (he would know!!). He was so kind that he actually TOOK OFF his hand-made lilac-colored Hermes tie and handed it to me!!!! Well, how could I not resist? I didn't!!! Now, my outfit was complete.

Lilac Hermes Tie: Nick Verreos on the "Wine Women and Shoes Seattle" pink carpet Step-and-Repeat, Four Seasons Seattle

The Wine Women and Shoes Seattle Event was AMAZING!! I hosted a VIP pre-party--where VIP guests mingled and sampled hors d'oeuvres and champagne and got a fifteen minute (OK, maybe more!) "lecture" from moi, where I spoke of my "Welcome to Seattle Tie Incident" as well as how much I LOVE Seattle, and some DISH on Project Runway.

VIP Posing: Nick Verreos at the "Wine Women and Shoes Seattle Event", Four Season Seattle

Afterward, I headed to the main Ball Room, where over 300 guests tasted lots of delicious wine, and sampled lots of FABULOUS fashions that they could purchase--with some proceeds going to the wonderful Seattle Children's Home.

Seattle Fierce: Nick Verreos with guests at "Wine Women and Shoes Seattle" Four Season Seattle

I spent the next three hours (as guests arrived, sampled delicious canapes and wine, as well as tried on some of the participating vendors' jewelry and shoes)--on a microphone--making my "Red Carpet Commentating" on guests fab shoes, as well as their outfits--and telling them to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP--as well as partake in all the wine!!! I also judged a "Best Shoes" contest and awarded the most "Classy Classic" shoe, as well as best "Stunning Stiletto" and fiercest "Embellishment Extraordinaire" pump. I did a special "Runway Walk" with the winners (I think they loved that!).

Auction Table: A Custom One-of-a-Kind Nick Verreos Fashion Illustration

There was a special Silent Auction--and one of the items up for Auction was a One-of-a-Kind Fashion Illustration sketch by me, that I would sketch right then and there. The highest bidder/winner, a lovely and very fashionable woman by the name of Alana, was so ecstatic (and so SWEET!!) that I decided to do TWO sketches for her--as cameras and guests watched--it felt like one of those "Project Runway" Make-It-Work Moments: Do a Fabulous Fashion Illustration in Fifteen Minutes...Or Else!!

One was my "Vision for her in a Couture NIKOLAKI Gown" from my line (above). And then I decided to sketch her in the outfit she was wearing.

Winning Fashionista: The Winning Bidder, Alana Jan Koetje Morris of Mercer Island Washington...

And the second sketch I did of her

I absolutely had a blast hosting this First Ever "Wine Women and Shoes" Seattle event and I heard--from a little birdie--that the guests--as well as the clients--were also very happy. After a "good job done", I ventured up to my room, ordered in-room dining and passed out! Incidentally, I was so tired I didn't make it into my gorgeous Four Seasons Bathtub in my hotel room! Maybe next time!

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