Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Virgin Mobile Sparah Web-Series Part Two: Celebrity Couple "Sparah" Get Styled and Sarah Wears NIKOLAKI!

Sparah Celebrity Stylist (Me!!) Is Back!

As y'all (yes, I'm a "Southern Gal!"...Not!) know, I shot a FAB Virgin Mobile Commercial featuring "Sparah"--the newest Hollywood "manufactured" Celeb Couple --as well as myself and some of the cutest dogs in the business.

Well, in addition to the commercial there is also a Webisode Series.

Cute Couple: Virgin Mobile's "Sparah", Sarah and Spencer

I was their "Celeb Stylist" in the series (just like in the national commercial) and got the chance to get them out of the Greyhound Bus-to-Hollywood, and into the real Red Carpet. Yes, I was a bit "Bi****" but, sometimes, it takes a strong DIVA to make things work...

We shot this fun behind-the-scenes "Sparah Makeover" at the Chic Little Devil Showroom in Downtown LA--and I was helped by the AMAZING team of...

Stylist Arturo D. Chavez (Right) and Designer Maggie Barry (Left)--LOVE THEM!

As you'll see in "Part II" of "Virgin Mobile Sparah/Nick Verreos: Celebrity Stylist", I actually got Sarah (the female half of "Sparah") to try on some of my gorgeous NIKOLAKI Collection gowns, so she could have a feel for what a Red Carpet Gown feels and looks like...

Virgin Mobile Red: Sarah of "Sparah" in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul red silk ziberline strapless gown, Chic Little Devil Showroom Virgin Mobile Sparah Web-series

Check out Part Two of the "Sparah" Virgin Mobile Webisode Series and see how Sarah and Spencer had their "fashion moment"--while I was trying to STOP Sarah's giggles!!!

Here's the latest in the Virgin Mobile "Sparah" Series: Nick Verreos, Celebrity Stylist Part 2:

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