Sunday, June 5, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet: Kristen Stewart in Balmain Spring 2011

Red Hot Kristen...

Kristen Stewart in Balmain Spring 2011, 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Actress Kristen Stewart showed up to tonight's MTV Movie Awards wearing a strapless mini dress. But not just any Strapless Mini Dress. A red leather, safety pin studded one from Balmain Spring 2011 designed by no-longer House Designer at Balmain, Christophe Decarmin. For that Spring 2011 Collection, the House of Balmain only showed a jacket version (on Supermodel Carmen Kass) in the same fabric. But on Kristen, it was made into a strapless mini dress. I think it's perfect for the MTV Movie Awards: Rocker Chic-meets-Rebel-Francophile-Couture. The only thing: Is that part of her black bra showing? Not sure if that's supposed to be there. Now, as a designer, I know, that when I design and create dresses like this--there is a BUILT-IN Bustier in the dress, thereby basically telling the wearer "Don't you DARE wear another undergarment". But I realize, sometimes, it's necessary.
What do you guys think? Yeay? Or Nay?

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