Sunday, June 5, 2011

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet: The Not-So-Good and What Were They Thinking?!

Proms, Pageant Dresses, Pillow Prints and Pocahontas Platform Heels...With Good Red Carpet, there is inevitably the Not-So-Good...

Jessica Szhor: Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr does not get "Two Nick Pinkies" for this paisley print jumpsuit. Yes, I said PAISLEY PRINT & JUMPSUIT...all in one sentence. Poor thang. This was a mess. The fabric is better suited for a Gay Man's Pillow at his Palm Springs "Summer home". And the print--along with the jumpsuit is better suited for my "Imaginary 75 year-old Aunt from Boca". One Plus Point though: Notice how the fabric print matches and miters in the center back seam--now THAT'S quality fabric cutting!

Holland Roden: Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden wore a Jad Ghandour-designed "High-Low" gown that was a bit "I'm Going To A Prom in Glendale" and "Miss Universe Evening Gown Competition" rolled up into one. Now, to those two events, I can see this dress, but to the MTV Movie Awards? Maybe not so much. All that she's missing is a SASH and a Corsage on her wrist. Now, speaking of The Prom...

Crystal Reed: Fellow Teen Wolf actress, Crystal Reed also somehow thought she was going to her high school prom and not the MTV Movie Awards (did her and Holland Roden have the same Prom-obsessed stylist?). She wore a black and white taffeta satin gown from Ina Soltani and frankly, it was straight out of a bad Project Runway Make-A-Dress-Using-Discarded Prom-Dress Fabrics" Episode. What, in the name of Diana Vreeland, are those fan-pleated THINGS at the hem of the dress? And WHY are they there? They almost look like coffee filters! Am I wrong?

Skyler Samuels: The Nine Lives of Chloe King actress Skyler Samuels stepped onto the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet in the look above. Now, I like the mini-paillette silver & nude strapless mini-dress, and I don't have anything against the platform strappy heels (maybe covered ones might have been a better choice, though). It's...

The HAIR!!! Momma got a bit Kay-Kay-Krazee with the teasing comb and the Elnett. PS: She's sooooo pretty! like a Doll!

Chelsea Handler: I love me some Chelsea Handler. Truly. But this shirred and cowl-necked intentionally wrinkled dress did not make me laugh, smile or want to do shots of Vodka. can do better than this!! I am sure you had many choices and this is what you decided on? Call me or my Fashion PR Company.

Romeo (or Lil' Romeo): OK, let me just say it right here and now--Your Red Carpet Role Model should not be "The Situation"! Lifting up your shirt to expose your abs on the Red Carpet is plain Cheesy. Even if the photographers are SCREAMING for you to lift up your shirt and "Show Us Your Abs!", DON'T do it. Just smile and keep walking. Seriously. I get it, you've got AMAZING abs and I'm jealous but still, tuck your shirt in huney. And BTW: What Louis Vuitton Clip-On accessory is that on his waist? And since when is that fashionable? Oh well, I should just be happy that he actually wore a tie.

Amanda Bynes: Oh huney, let me guess, it's Herve Leger! Of course it is! How, um, well, predictable. Ladies: There are OTHER designers and brands that make sexy skin-tight red carpet dresses. There are. No, really, there are. But I digress. My problem really isn't with the dress, it's how she accessorized it all: THOSE Pocahontas-Goes-To-Vegas shoes so DO NOT belong with this dress but more in a bad "Jersey Shore" event in Atlantic City. And then, that black (?) quilted clutch and white bracelet? It looks as if she went to THREE MTV Gifting Suites, got some stuff for free and decided to wear it all in one quick red carpet swoop. Too much of a mish-mash I think.

So there you have it--did I miss any? Let me know --and also, tell me what you thought of my "Not-So-Good" Picks above...

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