Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pageant Fashion: Miss Uruguay Universe 2011...and her "Toddlers & Tiaras" Iridescent Poly Organza Gown...

Uruguay Pageant Gowns...Uh Oh!!

Pretty Girl...BAAAD gown: Miss Uruguay Universe 2011 Fernanda Semino, and her baby blue iridescent poly organza and sequin gown

On May 28th, the very pretty Fernanda Semino was crowned Miss Uruguay Universe 2011 in the resort/beach city of Punta del Este. Uruguay is not known for its winning pageant girls--but rather for having some GORGEOUS beaches (Hello, Punta del Este!!), as well as being a very "Euro" enclave of South America (Approximately 9o% of the population is either of full Spanish or Italian descent).

Gown No-No: Miss Uruguay Universe 2011 Fernanda Semino, (center) and her baby blue iridescent poly organza gown

This year's winner was a gorgeous dark-blond haired beauty. She won, despite the fact that well, she wore a baby blue iridescent poly organza and sequin gown that, even some Drag Queens would consider OFFENSIVE. And by the looks of the other contestants gowns, it looks like a Caché boutique Nightmare--or Dream, depending on how you see it!!! In addition, it was SOOOO TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras", the adult version (I'm also a bit scared of the gown on the girl on the far right!).

Her First Runner-Up was Belen Sogliano (above, in black gown) who was crowned Miss Uruguay World 2011 (she will represent her country in this winter's Miss World Pageant to be held in London this November) and she didn't fare any better in the Gown Department. Belen wore a black one-shoulder "Mermaid"-style gown that featured cut-out's (yes, CUT OUT'S!) and very tacky applique. I guess, what is considered Haute Couture or HAUTE Gown Style may be different in Uruguay but frankly, these gowns needed help. When will Beauty Pageants evolve in terms of the Gown Department and grow up from tacky Prom Nightmares to looking like actual red carpet gowns Hollywood starlets would wear? Let's just hope, when these two very lovely ladies get to their respective Miss Universe and Miss World competitions, they get better Gown Advice. Word has it that they are both going to Colombia for some Pageant Coaching...maybe Colombia has better gowns for them.

And remember Ladies: Lo Barato Sale Caro! Translation: The Cheap Comes Out Expensive. In other words: PAY the BIG money for the real red carpet pageant-winning gowns! Just sayin'

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