Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Red Carpet Report: Scottish Fashion Awards--Dame Shirley Bassey...and Annie Lennox's Daughter!

Diamonds ARE Forever...

La Fashion Dame: Dame Shirley Bassey Arrives at the 2011 Scottish Fashion Awards

Tonight were the 6th Annual Scottish Fashion Awards, didn't you know? Well, if you didn't , now you do! Not much to report EXCEPT: OMG! Is that Dame Shirley Bassey???? In a COUTURE Tartan Gown??? Yes, and Yes! The Gay Fashion Gods have blessed us all. Miss Dame Shirley Bassey--yes, THAT Shirley Bassey of "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds Are Forever" fame. She wore a stunning--and very fitted v-neck gown by Scottish Fashion Designer Graeme Black.

Sporran Beauty: Dame Shirley Bassey shows off her purse, 2011 Scottish Fashion Awards

It featured organza black elbow-length "Pouf" sleeves, as well as perfectly mitered (matching) Locharran tartan plaid panels. Her STUNNING statement -making Swarovski-crystal necklace was TO D.I.E. FOR. The purse was just exquisite---reminiscent of the Sporran--Gaellic for "purse" the male Scottish Highland dress

Miss Shirley Bassey wasn't the only thing exciting about tonight's Scottish Fashion awards--Annie Lennox's 18-year-old daughter (seen above at a recent Gucci event) ---Scottish model Tali Lennox, won for "Model of The Year". Looks like she has certainly inherited her Mother's beauty!

Tali has modeled in various campaigns including for Burberry as seen in the ad above.

Finally, last but not least, the ever-so-fab Hilary Alexander, won the Fashion Ambassador Award. Ms. Alexander is the Fashion Director of the Daily Telegraph and I always have loved her "Fashion Two Cents" on various Runway/Fashion TV Shows.

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