Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion School Fix: Nick Verreos Goes to FIDM San Diego for 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"--The Recap!

Fashion in Sunny San Diego, Doggie Day Care, Visit from the Family...Oh and a Baseball Game!!!

Find The One Guy: Nick Verreos and the FIDM San Diego 2011 "3 Days of Fashion" attendees

Last week, as part of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM's 2011 "3 Days of Fashion", I drove down to San Diego--along with my NIKOLAKI partner David Paul--to make my "Guest Appearance". First, we had to put our little doggy, Benny, in "Doggy Day Care" so he would have lots of play time, while his "daddies" went down to San Diego for the day. After an almost three-hour drive down (oh that LA to San Diego traffic!), we finally made it! Just in time...

The View: Padres Baseball game happening at the same time as FIDM San Diego's 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"

The FIDM San Diego Campus is located right next to the spectacular Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. And wouldn't you know it: There was a Padres Baseball Game going on right at the same time!!! At first I didn't realize it and thought "Boy, are ALL these people with shorts and flip flops going to the FIDM 3 Days of Fashion???" I somehow forgot to see all their Padres caps, banners, flags and baseball jerseys!! Ooops...

But yes, once inside the campus, I got ready for my appearance. This was the last day of this event for them---and they had been in different workshops throughout the day, learning the intricacies of draping, sketching, trend spotting.

Model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 black silk jersey tunic-gown, FIDM San Diego 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"

But now, they were going to see some FASHION with a Capital "F" I brought one of my FAVE Runway models, Amanda Fields (who also drove down from Los Angeles), to show the "3 Days of Fashion" students--over 100 of them--some of my NIKOLAKI gowns and dresses.

Raise Your Camera-Phones: A scene from the NIKOLAKI "Mini" Fashion Show, FIDM San Diego 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"

You should have seen all the camera phones go up as Amanda sauntered into the room each time with a different gown/dress. It was like "mini paparazzi"!!! Afterward, I gave away prizes (the most fun were the "Best Dressed of FIDM San Diego 3 Days of Fashion" prizes!) and of course, I signed bags, t-shirts, name it, I signed it!

Baby Blue Meets Pink: FIDM San Diego 2011 "3 Days of Fashion" guest (she made her own dress!) and Nick Verreos

We also took great photos with the FAB Petco Park Padres Baseball Game going on in the back! An additional "special bonus" of coming down to San Diego was that David's mom and nieces--the super pretty Emilie and Samantha...

La San Diego Familia: David Paul, Nick Verreos with David's mom, Conchita and nieces Samantha and Emilie, FIDM San Diego Campus balcony

Got to attend the event as well--and spend some time with "Uncle David". The girls enjoyed my lecture I think--David's mom even said I should go into the business of being an "Inspirational Speaker"...Who knows, there's still time!!! After the event, David's mom, treated us to a delicious--yet quick--dinner nearby and then we were on our way (it was 7:30pm and we had only 2 1/2 hrs to make it back before the Doggy Day Care closed. In case you were wondering, we got there at 9:56!!! Just in time...

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