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Fashion School Fix: Nick Verreos Begins his FIDM "3 Days of Fashion" Tour in FIDM San Francisco!

City by the Bay Couture and Fashion School FAB-U-Lousnesss!!!!!

Nick In Heaven: Nick Verreos at the de Young Museum "Balenciaga and Spain" Exhibition San Francisco

Last week, I began my 2011 FIDM 3 Days of Fashion "Tour". As the Official Spokesperson--and Alumn of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, I travel to all the Campuses for their annual "3 Days of Fashion" EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! Three Days of Fashion is the event where high-school and post graduates:
  • Discover new and exciting career options
  • Take workshops such as Draping, Creative Thinking, and Product Development
  • Learn how to sketch the nine-head fashion figure
  • Find out what a Designer really does
  • Meet FIDM Grads who have found success and are doing what they love
  • Find out how the industry gets the latest information about trends
  • Tour some of the best shopping spots in the world
  • Get the answers to all your questions from the people who really know: the working professionals
My first stop was San Francisco:

I flew up to San Francisco from my home base in Los Angeles on Virgin America (my plane above)--one of my favorite airlines! The flight attendants are always so friendly and I love the ordering food and drinks from the TV screen thing--even on a one-hour flight!

Chic Airport: SFO Terminal 2

I landed in SFO's spankin' brand (almost) new Terminal 2. The terminal was outfitted with cool red "egg" chairs and an overall post-modern design aesthetic: Loved it! Reminded me of the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK. After getting my suitcase (I brought gowns kids!!!), I got to the City and checked into my room at one of my FAVE SF Hotels--the Kimpton Hotels' Hotel Monaco.

Kimpton Hotels' Hotel Monaco San Francisco "Welcome"

As always, there was a "Welcome Nick!" bottle of wine (Hello!) and glasses for me to enjoy. Sometimes there is a cheese-and-snack plate but not this time unfortunately. Maybe this was a "Welcome with a small 'w' ". But nevertheless, I was very THANKFUL for the wine but I saved it for later because besides making my FIDM SF "3 Days of Fashion" appearance, I had one other thing on my mind and that was:

De Young Museum: Balenciaga and Spain

Yes....going to the De Young Museum and visiting the "Balenciaga and Spain" Exhibition Hello??? My Northern California friend Didi Simon and I drove to the Museum (I ordered the tickets online beforehand) and we went and enjoyed EVERY single COUTURE Gown of it!

It was AMAZING!!! The Exhibition closes on July 4th and I will be traveling to Europe July 5th so this was the ONLY time I could see it!!! It was GLORIOUS!!! I absolutely LOVE , adore, admire Cristobal Balenciaga and his creations so to me, it was like being in Fashion Heaven! The Exhibition is organized into six "Inspiration" sections: Spanish Art, Regional Dress, the Spanish Court, Religious Life and Ceremony, the Bullfight, and Dance.

Gown Central: "Balenciaga and Spain" Exhibition, De Young Museum San Francisco

At one point, I gave an impromptu "Haute Couture Lesson/Tour" as I was describing all the intricacies of the Art of Haute Couture and construction/seaming to my friend Didi, and then I turned around and there were about TEN or so other exhibit visitors listening! And funny enough, many visitors recognized me and were very happy that A) I was there, and B) I was giving them a FREE knowledgeable mini-tour!

But soon, it was time to make my "special appearance" at FIDM SF's "3 Days of Fashion":

I always LOVE coming to San Francisco and the FIDM SF!!! They always treat me like a Star! Today was supposed to be the final day of their annual "3 Days of Fashion" and I was their "special guest star"!!!

FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion Welcome

As part of the "3 Days of Fashion" events, FIDM SF organizers have a fun-and-fabulous "Project FIDM" fashion show, where participants get to "re-create" and "re-cycle" garments and then have a fashion show that is judged a la Project Runway.

Jackets Required: FIDM SF Alumna Julia A. Hill and Nick Verreos, FIDM San Francisco "2011 3 Days of Fashion"

For the 2nd consecutive year, I was joined by Clinton Kelly's (from TLC's "What Not To Wear") Executive Assistant and new Director of Design for his QVC line--FIDM SF Alumn Julia A. Hill as one of my co-judges of that aforementioned contest. She was looking VERY "NY Vogue Magazine Jr. Editor" in her pleated high-waist khaki trousers, lilac tank and black "Boyfriend" jacket.

Judges Judging: Julia A. Hill Nick Verreos and three Guest Student Judges discuss who the winners of "Project FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion" will be

Model Rachael Sitz in NIKOLAKI red silk satin-back crepe backless gown with...

Swarovski crystal straps, gathered back and Godet-train

In addition to the Contest, I also brought several of my NIKOLAKI Red Carpet Dresses to show the "3 Days of Fashion" attendees. The dresses were modeled by Look Model Agency model Rachael Sitz, one of the BEST--and favorite--models in San Francisco!!

Model Rachael Sitz in the NIKOLAKI lilac hand-beaded lilac cocktail dress, FIDM SF 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"

I even brought THE "Katy Perry" dress--a lilac-colored hand-beaded one-shoulder sequin dress that Katy Perry wore to launch her Purr Perfume. Yes, kids, Miss Katy Perry wore one of my designs!!!

Say "Hi" San Francisco: FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion Attendees, waiting for an autograph and a photo

Posin' Fashionistas: FIDM "3 Days of Fashion" attendees and Nick Verreos (center)--and a signed t-shirt

FIDM Goodie Bags:Nick Verreos, Julia A. Hill and Winners pose with their autographed FIDM bags, FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion

All in all, I had a BLAST at FIDM San Francisco's "3 Days of Fashion"; the Contest, the fashion show, showing my gowns/dresses, I even stayed a coupe of hours afterward and signed autographs and took pics with each and every one of the attendees! (which I LUV doing!)

I was even asked to sign someone's iPhone!!! Someone's iPhone may end up on Ebay...

Thanks San Francisco and Northern California for a FAB FIDM "3 Days of Fashion"!! Can't wait to come back!!!!!

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