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Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's Fashion Show at 2011 LULAC Convention & Expo in Cincinnati Ohio: The Recap!!

Hola Cincinnati!!

Turquoise Man: Nick Verreos hosting Macy's Fashion Show, 2011 LULAC Convention & Expo "Voces Unidas: Concierto de la Gente" (photo courtesy of

Last week, in the midst of my FIDM 2011 "3 Days of Fashion" appearances in SF, LA, San Diego and Orange County (whew! That's a sentence-full!), I flew for an overnight trip to Cincinnati Ohio to host a FAB Macy's Fashion Show. The Fashion Show was to take place as part of 2011 LULAC/League of United Latin American Citizens Convention and Exposition's "Voces Unidas: Concierto de la Gente" (United Voices: Concert for the People) featuring "Los Lobos" (yes, of "La Bamba" fame) and "El Guero".

Upon arriving from my flight from LA to Cincinnati (via Salt Lake City), I was greeted by this sign, welcoming all LULAC Convention and Expo out-of-town guests and attendees to Cincinnati. You know I had to take a quick photo as arriving passengers were impatiently trying to get onto the escalator, making their way out of the airport.

After getting to the city, I checked into The Cincinnatian Hotel, which I heard was "The Best Hotel" in town. I immediately went to my room and as it's become a "Tradition" here on my blog and my Recaps, I took photos of my bed and the room itself (it was very nice indeed!).

The shower had TWO, not just one, but TWO, of those "Rain Shower heads" PLUS SIX coming-from-the-shower-wall jet streams. I made a mental note to get up EXTRA early the following morning to enjoy that before I had to catch my flight back to Los Angeles!

I had about one hour to change from my "travel outfit" and into "I am Hosting a Macy's Fashion Show" TopMan turquoise blue jacket, Dolce & Gabbana black jacquard tie and Zara black skinny trousers ensemble and then make my way to the Duke Energy Convention Center, site of 2011 LULAC Convention and Expo--as well as my fashion show event. It was about 90 degrees HOT and Humid so thank goodness I was NOT in head-to-toe wool!!!

The Center was "busy busy busy" as attendees made their way in and out of the Expo and from various different conferences and meeting rooms. After climbing three floors on the escalators (it's a BIG place you guys!), I made it to the Grand Ballroom, site of the Concert and Fashion Show.

Concert Mistress: Melissa "Crash" Barrera Mun2 TV personality, 2011 LULAC Convention & Expo "Voces Unidas: Concierto de la Gente" (photo courtesy of

After checking in with my Macy's clients, and the producers of the fashion show as well as all the models (they were SOOOO sweet!), we had a quick rehearsal, got all my note cards and was ready to BRING on the Macy's Fashion to LULAC! The Concert's "Mistress of Ceremonies" was the beautiful Melissa "Crash" Barrera, TV host and Mun2 personality. She introduced me and well, of course, I had to begin everything...

With one of my "Nick Runway Walks" (photo courtesy of Then, it was onto the Fashion. Being that it was a Macy's Fashion Show, there were LOTS of great looking clothes, naturally--and all available in two blocks distance at the nearby Macy's Fountain Place.

Photo Courtesy of

The show began with a tableaux of fun and flirty printed maxi dresses--perfect for a July 4th Bar-b-Q, cocktails in Cabo, or even "dressed up" with heels for a party.

Model Jessica in coral 2-piece suit by Evan Picone Photo Courtesy of

We also showed tailored business attire for the professional Latina, and even some Comfy-Chic separates. Trends included tie-dye, flower prints, bold and bright colors, metallics and statement-making scarves.

In between the fashions, I even gave some "Lessons" in what dresses work best for what body types and what details (shirring, diagonal pleating) also help visually "slim" a figure. And of course, I got in on the act and even modeled with one of the gorgeous girls!

Photo Courtesy of

There were BOYS as well, kids! And they, naturally, were also wearing head-to-toe Macy's looks from Macy's-exclusive brands like INC and Alfani.

Photos Courtesy of

After the fashion show ended, I went down into the Grand Ballroom area and took photos with guests as well as signed autographs and drew "Fashion Croquis" for them as well (photos above). I had A BLAST hosting the show and now it was onto watching--and listening--to "Los Lobos" and "El Guero" do their thang! And then return to my hotel and enjoy a good night's rest. In case you were wondering, yes, I got to use that AMAZEEEEEING shower back in my room the next morning! The sounds that I was making...well, I'm surprised my next door hotel neighbor didn't call the Hotel Security!!!

Ciao Cincinnati!!

Click Below for Exclusive Video of Los Lobos at "Voces Unidas: Concierto de la Gente", 2011 LULAC Convention & Expo:

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