Monday, July 4, 2011

Royal Fashion Minute: Prince Albert and Charlene Monaco Wedding--The Wedding Dinner Red Carpet!

Dinner Outfit Changes...

Bienvenue Prince and Princess: Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco

As we know, there was a "certain" FAB Royal wedding over the weekend, and of course, after any wedding there has to be a BIG Party!!! So, following the glorious Religious Wedding of Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco, there was the even more fabulous Wedding Dinner Reception...

Is Saturday Night Available: The Opera Garnier, sight of the Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco Wedding Dinner Party

Now, not just any "Banquet Room" would do for one of the wealthiest royals in the World, so naturally, this Wedding Dinner and Party was held at the Opera Garnier and catered by the one-and-only French Chef Alain Ducasse. Everyone who was anyone--well who was at least invited--was there! First up, of course were the Bride and the Groom.

Armani Prive Custom: Princess Charlene of Monaco

The bride, Princess Charlene changed from her gorgeous Armani Prive Custom Wedding Gown into another Armani Prive Custom white gown. This time it was silk organza high-neck and sleeveless multi-tiered dress with all-over sequin detail. Just perfect. It wasn't over the top, it was just the right side of subdued elegance and yet still, entrance-making!

The Casiraghi's: Pierre, Charlotte and Andrea Casiraghi--Princess Caroline of Hanover's oldest children. Charlotte evoked images of both her late Grandmother Princess Grace as well as Princess Antoinette (the late Prince Rainer's sister who loved caftans and capes when she attended many a Monaco Ball) in this sublime mint-blue gathered gown with dramatic cape.

The Partners: The Casiraghi children's respective girlfriends and boyfriend were present--US-born Brazilian and Colombian socialite/heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo (Andrea's girlfriend), British-Iranian playboy Alex Dellal and yet anotjher FAB Euro trust-funder, Beatrice Borromeo (Pierre's girlfriend) who hails from the aristocratic House of Borromeo.

Caroline of Hanover: Princess Caroline changed from her Chanel Haute Couture Custom rose-pink Wedding ensemble to this black lace tea-length gown and "comfortable" t-strapped heels. Inquiring Minds want to know: Where is her estranged husband, the Prince of Hanover, Ernst August? The last that was heard of him is the he took off with another woman and was never heard from since...Interesting.

Princess Stephanie: The Groom's other sister, Princess Stephanie wore a white sequined gown to the Wedding Reception. Poor Stephanie, she looks "through"! Too much of a sad life, too much partying in her early days and too much South of France sun...have all taken their toll on the Princess.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden: Victoria, here with her husband Prince Daniel Duke of Vastergotland, wore a one-shoulder pink and gray gown with sequined waistband detail. She looked "regal"--it helped to have that CROWN!!! Wow! I can only imagine the security that had to travel with these royals to this wedding--just to be "on the watch" of the Royal Jewels! I would have liked the colors to be just a bit stronger. It looks a tad bit "matronly", or "mother-of-the-Bride".

Good Genes: Her gorgeous sister and brother, Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden. Madeleine is one of the "Best Dressed" of the night in this strapless silver-gray organza gown with dramatic train. The choker necklace, diamond tiara and silver clutch are the perfect accessories. She seriously looks like a Finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant in this gown (and with the crown), and I mean that in a good way...

Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Duchess of Bravant: Mathilde changed from an Armani Prive Custom suit which she wore earlier in the day to the Religious Wedding Ceremony, into this GORGEOUS Armani Prive Custom $100,000 off-the-shoulder gown in fuchsia metalized silk. Now this is a GOWN! I think the directional fabrication makes this gown, otherwise it would probably look rather matronly and again--mother-of-the-bride-ish. But it doesn't! Saved by the fabric!!!

The fabrication is from the Armani Prive Spring 2011, as seen above from one of the looks from that collection that could have "inspired" Princess Mathilde's design.

Denmark Meet Belgium: Princess Mathilde's husband, Prince Philippe of Belgium (right) entered the Wedding Dinner Party with Princess Mary of Denmark. Lots of the Royal Guests were actually paired with other royals who weren't their actual partners. I love how his sash (almost) matches her pink/fuchsia one-shoulder princess-seamed gown. The gown is classic, non-fussy and of course, I LOVE the color! Ten Points my dear!

Old-School: H.R.H. Swiss-born Karim Agha Khan VI arrived at the Monaco Wedding Reception Dinner Party, with H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi, who once again proved to everyone why is such a Fashion Diva. Pahlavi wore a blush-colored notched-collar "shirt-Gown" with contrast white front and sleeve cuff detail. Definition of Chic! And look at those peep-toe pumps! Seriously, she is 72 years old! She gets "Nick V. At-a-Girl" points!

Ball Gown Beauty: Maria Margarita (left), Venezuelan heiress and wife to Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou (the "Royal Social Circle" rumor is that her family has more money that he does!), looked resplendent in this Carolina Herrera strapless silver-gray gown with silk organza overlay and gold and silver sequins. She looks like an actress in a Disney "Princess Diaries" movie. Perfection.

My New Favorite Royal: Grand Duchess Maria of Russia--She may not really have a country to rule over any more, but boy does she always look FAB-u-Lous!!! Her Imperial Highness LOVES her prints and she didn't disappoint in this violet-colored caftan-gown. Her crown looks very similar to the Kokoshnik she wore to the Religious Wedding earlier in the day.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell changed from one another, for the Wedding Dinner Party. She wore an ivory silk gown with crystal and emerald jeweled sequined details. Of course, she is WORKING IT OVERTIME!!! This isn't Naomi's "First Time at The Rodeo" as we all know. She even took off the feathered shrug-coat...

So the photographers can get to see hers sans the coat! At-a-Girl!

The gown is from Givenchy Fall 2009 Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. It looks as if in the original Runway Look, the front and sides were covered with skin-colored mesh but of course, for Miss Naomi, they were removed.

Congratulations to Prince Albert of Monaco and his bride, Princess Charlene--And thank you for all the FAB Couture Fashion!!!

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